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>>TRONYX : Technical Characteristics

This new high technology product is different from other vibrated cast composites . The mineral particles used are selected from five different grains and then mixed under vacuum pressure with synthetic resins .Moulding is then achieved by pressure injection . This new manufacturing technique creates compact parts exempt of air bubbles. Thus is formed a new material with a high degree of resistance and superior thermal stability .We have numerous standard models available as well as custom made designs. We can also manufacture models according to your own designs. Several colour decorations are available, standard solid colours or any surface of your choice for a minimum of 30 pieces.

 The most Vanity top without joints, easy to clean, furnished with or without hole of overflow. In option covering in gelcoat and antibacterial surface is advised. The less Needs manufacturing of moulds for special forms (minimum 100 pieces). A cigarette can leave brown stains which has to be cleaned with an abrasive followed by a polishing.

 Fittings The vanity tops are fully supplied with all necessary fittings and maintenance holdings and include a complete instruction guide.

 Colours decorations White colour or pastel colours choice for minimum 20 pieces