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>>SILYX ( Guarenteed 10 years) : Technical Characteristics

Material The quartz is blended with a mixture of various silica-based composites technically reconstituted and incorporates 5 % of sapped polyester’s resin. The technicality of this treatment on the quartz as a natural hard stone, eliminates the undesired faults, which determined raw hard stones of this kind.

Designs Our designer Jean MALTA, designer for the washbasin units (see our documentation THE SAINT BARTH LINE, coordinates downloadable or send your requests), all references may be ordered under the dimensions and Colours of your choice. TROPIC caters for your specialised designs, personalised and inspired by your or your architect. We will manufacture to meet your needs, designs and requirements.

Basins We would advice that you allow us to supply the porcelain basins as the will be delivered assembled to the appropriate bathroom surfaces or vanity tops. These furnishings are supplied fully completed and ready for use. Various models for circular and oval porcelain basins can be proposed and designed for requirements.

Fittings and holdings The washbasin units and surfaces are supplied complete with all necessary fittings and Maintenance holdings. The bands for wail supports, screws and triangular metal fittings are attached and we also forward a complete instruction guide showing schemas for practical placing.

Packaging Each individual washbasin units including the respective vanity surfaces are separately packed in maritime cases marked with the hotel and room destination for easy distribution upon delivery.