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>>Means of Products

 Factories At VARAGES (Var) and at TUNIS. 9000m² of surface and a manpower of 60 people

 Service Commercial At VALLAURIS (sales department)

 Engineering and design department of VALLAURIS Our draughtsmen will carry out the production drawings of your commands which will be then addressed to you for validation.

 Design Jean MALTA works out each year a range of models, decorations and products which are offered to you to be carried out according to your dimensions.

All our basins plans in GRANYX or SILYX being manufactured with your measurements, they are dispatched with the number of the room on packing.

 Expedition Our packing is carried out in extremely resistant maritime cases, gathered on pallets. The deliveries starting from 3 pallets are made with trucks especially chartered for direct routing since our factory with the recipient, thus reducing the time and the risks of damages.