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>>Hospitals and clinics

Hygiene and maintainability being the priority, we advise the plans of toilet in TRONYX, synthesis’s material allowing to mould, in only one element, the plan and the bassin.

All our models can be manufactured with or without hole of overflow.

In option, all our toilet’s plans can be provided with a surface’s gelcoat (approximately 7/10e mm) in which is built-in an effective additive anti-bacterial thoughout all their use.


This wash hand basin was studied especially for the hospitals and private clinics. It gathers, under a compactness, all the functions necessary, that is to say : a wash-hand, an arrival of mitigated water, a hands wipe distributor and soap one. It is also manufactured with an anti-bacterial gelcoat.

- Our references for elderly nursing home établishment provided with health care, hospitals, clinics

- Our references of social action establishments