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>>Bath tubs in DURALIT

Bath-tubs in DURALIT is a composite of powdered marble, sap and glass fibre, averaging a depth of 10 mm. Ridge, shock resistant, this material attests to a high quality of thermal and acoustic isolation.

DURALIT is uncold material, pleasant to contact and possesses a high quality of thermal and acoustic isolation which permits the water temperature.

DURALIT resists all principal chemical products and standard acids used in tbathrooms. The natural strength of this product also allows for the elimination of scratches and surface damage and it is very easily repairable. After frequent use the bath tub can be polished and regain it’s original brightness The non porous surface of DURALIT prevents all deposits of bacteria and may be cleaned with water and soap. The bottom is polished but NON-SKID.

DURALIT was retained by the ACCOR Group and used for the renovation of the European NOVOTEL chain.

DURALIT is qualified for having the longest longevity within the hotel industry.


For all our bath tubs we can if required supply a system air/water with 6 or 8 water injections including a disinfection device.

Models of bath tubs