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Due to GRANYX non-porous aspects it is stain resistant which facilitates maintenance and cleaning. However GRANYX will react to acids and or the contact of acids and caution is therefore naturally required. Acids stains and or damages may be rectified normally by a depth polishing .of the surfaces in question .We would advice that the washbasin units be cleaned using a natural detergent and so avoiding acids and scale prevented products. Our suppliers recommend the use of FORMULA MARMO on a weekly basis.

GRANYX is specially recommended for HOTELS and PRIVATE RESIDENCES.

Any questions regarding the treatment of the marble may be placed with our specialists as there are 75 concessionaires in France. BASIC SYSTEM phone on +33 (0)4 97 07 14 30 In Paris +33 (0)6 19 02 28 12


Due to and thanks to the non-porous aspects of SILYX this product is stain resistant. SILYX is equally resistant to all principal chemical products and standard acids. The natural strength of this product also allows for the elimination of scratches and or surface damage. SILYX IS GUARANTEED 10 YEARS. This product does not require any particular maintenance or cleaning treatment. SILYX can be recommended for washbasin units for extensive use, hospitals, airports, nursing homes, principally areas of frequent public use .These sanitary vanities are equally considered ideal for offices and places of work, hotels, stations either service or other.